Tour Edge Bazooka 460 Black Driver

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New Tour Edge Bazooka 460 Black Driver

Give your game fire-power off the tee with the Bazooka 460 Black Driver at a low price from Just Say Golf with free shipping. The Tour Edge Bazooka is back from the past and more powerful than ever! With a 460cc titanium-powered head delivering distance and playability off the tee that rivals the performance of drivers over twice the price. Time to tee it up and let it fly!

The Bazooka is back in black and more powerful than ever! Designed to give your game high-powered distance, the Bazooka driver is the ultimate driving weapon. The 460cc titanium-powered head delivers distance and playability off the tee that rivals the performance of drivers over twice its price.

A rear fixed sole weight creates a deep center of gravity to help players of all abilities easily launch the ball down the fairway.  The Bazooka 460 Black driver features a black PVD finish and ‘camo’ design highlights, combining style with power.

Tour Edge’s Bazooka 460 Black is paired with premium, ultra-light shafts ranging in weight from 50 grams to 57 grams depending on flex. The ultra-light shafts deliver a higher launch, making longer drives effortless - add the Bazooka 460 Black to your arsenal and start bombing your tee shots!

Tour Edge Bazooka 460 Black Driver Technology and Features:

  • Deep Face Design: Expands the sweet spot for a hotter launch from more contact points on the face resulting in maximum distance even on off-center contact
  • Fixed rear sole weight: Positions weight back and away from the face to create a deep, low center of gravity position. This position helps launch the ball at a higher initial trajectory with less spin
  • 460cc titanium-powered head
  • Black PVD finish with 'camo' design
  • Premium ultra-light shafts
  • Lifetime Warranty

Shaft Models/Specifications:

Bazooka Ultra-Light 50 Ladies Flex High Launch 50grams

Bazooka Ultra-Light 52 Senior A Flex High Launch 52grams

Bazooka Ultra-Light 55 Regular Flex High Launch 55grams

Bazooka Ultra-Light 57 Stiff Flex Mid/High Launch 57grams

Loft Lie Length  Flex
9.5 59° 45.5"  S
10.5 59° 45.5" A,R,S
12.0 60°  45.5" (Ladies 44.5") L,A,R