TaylorMade TP Patina Collection Soto Putter


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TaylorMade Patina Collection Soto Putter

A LOOK FROM THE PAST THAT PLAYS LIKE THE FUTURE: The new TP Patina Collection features seven club heads, with two new models: the Del Monte and the DuPage. With blades for control or mallets for forgiveness, the TP Patina Collection is sure to class up your game.

TaylorMade Patina Collection Soto Putter Features:

  • Long Curve Hosel provides a traditional look at address
  • 47° Toe Hang suits a significant arc in your stroke
  • Single Sightline provides a clean look at address while enhancing alignment

Pure Roll

A thicker 5mm aluminum insert offers great sound, a solid feel, and was designed to optimize roll characteristics.

Premium Patina Finish

A new patina finish that combines black nickel and copper to create a reveal on the edges and sole of the putter. This patina finish creates a rich, clean, and unique look that oxidizes over time.

Signature TP Screws

The new Pure Roll™ insert is securely fastened by two screws in the cavity. This process creates a tight bond that minimizes voids or air pockets underneath the insert for a more solid feel at impact.

Weight System

TP sole weights will be unique to each stock or custom length to hit a specific swing weight. 2.5, 5, 7.5, 10, 15, and 20 gram weights are available for sale separately.

**Please note the picture may have different weights depending on length selected** Please see specifications below for which weights will be in the putter hea


TaylorMade TP Patina Collection Soto Putter Specifications

 Length   Hosel  Hand   Toe Hang  Offset  Sole Weights  Loft  Lie Angle 
34"  Long Curve   RH/LH  47°  Full Shaft  15g weights  3.5°  70°
35" Long Curve RH/LH 47° Full Shaft 7.5g weights 3.5° 70°


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