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TaylorMade M4 Rescue - TaylorMade Hybrid

The new Taylormade M4 Rescue hybrid embodies everything you could want in a hybrid, iron replacement.  The M4 Rescue is accurate like an iron, forgiving like a fairway metal and launches the ball high for distance, forgiveness and ease of playability.  In short, it's the perfect golf club.  Buy the Taylormade M4 Rescue at the lowest price, with FREE shipping from Just Say Golf.

The shaping of the M4 Rescue allows it to go through any type of lie with ease, making it a go to club for all situations.  You'll also get the incredible distance that you'd expect from a Taylormade metal wood.

Key Features of the Taylormade M4 Rescue:

  • Heel/Toe wieghting with internal "Split Mass Pads" moves the weight to the extreme edges of the club, making it ultra-stable on mishits for accuracy.
  • Clean lines on the top of the club head help align the face to the target.
  • Taylormade Speed Pocket™ gives extra spring to shots hit low on the face, for incredible distance from all areas of contact.
  • This year's Speed Pocket is longer than years past, for increased speed across the face.

Specifications of the Taylormade M4 Rescue:

Club Loft Dexterity Shaft Length Swing Weight
3h 19° RH/LH 40.75" D3
4h 22° RH/LH 40.25" (39.25" Womens) D3 (C8 Womens)
5h 25° RH Only 39.75  (38.75" Womens) D3 (C8 Womens)
6h 28° RH Only 39.25" (38.25" Womens) D3 (C8 Womens)

Stock Shaft Offering:

  • Fujikura Atmos Red 7 (S)
  • Fujikura Atmos Red 6 (R)
  • Fujikura Atmos Red 5 (A)
  • TM Tuned IR 45 (L)

Just Say Golf Does Custom:

Custom options are always available on Taylormade Golf Clubs from Just Say Golf, many of them for FREE.  If you don't see what you need, give us a call and we'll make it happen: 865-325-9673

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