TaylorMade M3 Rescue

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TaylorMade M3 Rescue - Taylormade Hybrid

The Taylormade M3 Rescue is the most adjustable hybrid on the market.  Personalization is the name of the M3 Rescue's game.  Add to the adjustability all of the distance and forgiveness of you'd expect in a Taylormade Rescue club.  Buy the Taylormade M3 Rescue at the lowest price, with FREE Shipping from Just Say Golf.

The M3 Rescue is designed to seriously influence your scorecard.  Dial it in to suit your game.  The Taylormade M3 has a visual design that is engineered to improve your alignment and visually help you square the face up to your target.  Set your loft, adjust the sliding weight for optimal draw or fade bias and go pin seeking.  With the distance these hybrids produce you'll even love hitting off the tee.  And, with it's sleek shape, it'll glide through the rough like no hybrid you've ever played.

The Taylormade M3 Rescue Features:

  • An intentional crown aesthetic that helps you line it up to your target-line.
  • Taylormade's legendary Speed Pocket™ has been extended to promote high ball speeds at the toe and heel.
  • Speed Pocket increases the trampoline effect on the bottom half of the face, to drastically improve the performance of shots hit low.
  • The loft sleeve allows for up to 3° of loft adjustment.
  • The 30g moveable weight slides across the Slide Track to give you full control over your shot shape.

M3 Rescue Specifications:

Club Standard Loft Dexterity Shaft Length Swing Weight
2h 17° RH Only 41.25" D3
3h 19° RH/LH 40.75" D3
4h 21° RH/LH 40.25" D3
5h 24° RH Only 39.75" D3

Stock Shaft Offerings:

  • Mitsubishi Chemical TENSEI Blue 80 (X, S)
  • Mitsubishi Chemical TENSEI Blue 70 (R, A)

Just Say Golf Does Custom:

Custom options are always available on Taylormade Golf Clubs from Just Say Golf, many of them for FREE.  If you don't see what you need, give us a call and we'll make it happen: 865-325-9673

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