TaylorMade M3 Irons

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TaylorMade M3 Irons

The Taylormade M3 Irons are designed for the golfer who wants a compact, clean appearance, with the distance and forgiveness of a game improvement iron.  Taylormade's M3 Irons share many of the same technologies with it's more oversized counterpart, the Taylormade M4 Iron.  What sets the M3 apart is it's thinner top line and reduced offset, producing the look that better players prefer.  The M3, with it's slighter higher CG, also produces a mid-trajectory with workability.  Buy the Taylormade M3 Irons, tuned your specifications, from Just Say Golf.

Are you a mid to low handicapper looking for the improved distance and forgiveness of a game improvement iron without the drawbacks?  The new M3 was made with you in mind.  The M3 features modern lofts, high-speed club face technology and extreme perimeter weighting for increased performance, but it also features a lower offset and a moderate CG so you can work the ball left or right and control the trajectory.  Improvements to the face help ensure the best distance control possible; distance control you'll need to shoot your lowest score.

Key technologies in the Taylormade M3 Irons:

  • RIBCOR™ dramatically improves the rigidity of the M3 Iron's out frame.  The strength of the perimeter allows engineers to remove weight from the face, for a thinner and hotter clubface.  Even on off center contact, you'll still reap the benefits of a rigid frame paired with a flexible face.  When the club impacts the ball toward the toe, the club head flexes and a certain degree of ball speed is lost to the flexing of the club head.  RIBCOR mitigates this problem, resulting in better distance and improved accuracy.
  • Speed Pocket™ is a thin slot cut in the bottom of the sole, just behind the face.  This slot allows the bottom of the club face to flex and trampoline the ball when impact is low on the clubface.
  • Dialed-in Weighting through the use of tungsten weights creates more perimeter weighting without making the club larger.  Perimeter weighting means better club stability on mishits, resulting in better shots.
  • Sole Shaping in the Taylormade M3 Iron is designed for optimal turf interaction, providing more forgiveness typically only found in larger clubs.



Taylormade M3 Iron Specifications:

Club  Loft  Lie  Length  Dexterity
3 Iron  18°  60.5°  38.75"   RH/LH
4 Iron  21.5°  61°  38.25"   RH/LH
5 Iron  23°  61.5°  37.75"   RH/LH
6 Iron  26.5°  62°  37.25"   RH/LH
7 Iron  30.°  62.5°  36.75"   RH/LH
8 Iron  35°  63°  36.25"   RH/LH
9 Iron  40°  63.5°  35.75"   RH/LH
PW  45°  64°  35.50"   RH/LH
AW  50°  64°  35.50"   RH/LH
SW  55°  64°  35.25"   RH/LH

 Stock Shaft:

  • Steel:  True Temper XP100
  • Graphite:  Mitsubishi Tensei

Just Say Golf Does Custom:

Custom options are always available on Taylormade Golf Clubs from Just Say Golf, many of them for FREE.  If you don't see what you need, give us a call and we'll make it happen: 865-325-9673

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