Srixon Z 785 Driver

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Srixon Z 785 Driver | Srixon Drivers with Custom Shafts

Buy the new 2019 Srixon Z 785 Driver from Just Say Golf and get the lowest price, with free shipping on this and many more Srixon Golf Clubs and Srixon Golf Balls.  Srixon drivers are available with custom shafts, many of them at no extra charge.  The Srixon Z 785 and Srixon Z 585 are the most advanced drivers Srixon has ever built; creating more distance, accuracy and fun on the golf course.

The 2019 Srixon Z 785 is high performance relative of the new Z 585.  The 785 produces less spin for a lower ball flight and more workability.  Providing the best of all worlds to the stronger player.  The Z 785 driver has gained a strong tour presence among the best players in the world.  While it retains a high level of forgiveness, the Z 785 is designed to help stronger players "flight" and "shape" the ball, with incredible distance and a very large sweet spot.

The Z785 Drive can be paired with the new Srixon Z F85 fairway and Srixon Z H85 Hybrid.

Key Features of the Srixon Z 785 Driver:

  • "Tour Preferred" shape: In short, the Z785 is clean.  It sets up with visual appeal, inspiring confidence when the pressure to hit a good drive is on.
  • Deep face profile: The deeper face means a center gravity located to produce alow spinning, boring shot trajectory.
  • Premium Shafts are standard: The Z 785 Driver comes standard with Project X HZRDUS Black 65 Handcrafted shaft for incredible stability and control, a lower launch preferred by stronger golfers.
  • Ultra-Thin Ti51AF cup face technology: The new face design in the Z 585 and Z 785 drivers is ultra thin for high ball speed across the entire face of the driver.  This means more distance, even on shots that aren't struck perfectly.  The size of the sweet spot on the Z 785 is incredibly large.
  • A larger face area means more good drives:  The Cup Face desing in the new Z-series Drivers from Srixon means a larger effective hitting area.  The compression and decompression (a.k.a. "trampolin efect") is spread across the largest area Srixon has ever produced.
  • A new carbon crown for higher MOI: The lighter weight crown means more weight can be pushed to the perimeter for better stability on impact, resulting in straighter drives.
  • Adjustability for perfect customization: With Srixon's adjustable hosel you can set your loft, lie and face angle for total customization to your preference and ball flight.
  • Z series adjustable weights: The Z 785 comes standard with an 8gram weight.  Other weights can be purchased separately for further tailoring to your game.

Key Specifications of the Srixon Z 785 Driver:

Loft 9.5° 10.°
Lie Angle 58° 58°
Length 45.25" 45.25"
Head Size 460cc 460cc
Swing Weight D4 D4
Dexterity RH/LH RH/LH

Stock Shaft Offering: Project X HARDUS Black 65 Handcrafted

Srixon z785 driver stock shaft, hzrdus black 64 handcrafted

Stock Grip Offering: Golf Pride tour Velvet 360

Just Say Golf does custom shafts and other custom fitting.  If you don't see what you need, contact us here and we'll track it down for you.