Mizuno ST190G Driver | 2019

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Mizuno ST190G Driver | 2019

The Mizuno ST190G combines every known factor to deliver ball speed and driving distance – aligned with our lowest ever spin rates. Mizuno’s ultra-fast Forged SP700 Ti face is enhanced with a lighter CORTECH structure for consistently higher ball speeds. Combined with a large carbon composite crown and Amplified Wave soleplate to convert each additional mph into yards gained.

"One thing that’s increasingly evident is the increasing trend to a lower spin bias on tour - so many players we’ve tested with favor a downward angle of attack. They need their driver to knock the spin down to compensate, which became our 2nd objective with the ST190. No.1 was always ball speed – if we can add 1mph, that’s what we’re going to do. Irrelevant of what we had to get there." Jeff Cook / Mizuno PGA Tour Manager

Intuitive Fast Track Adjustability:

Twin 7-gram weights on external tracks can reduce spin by an additional 200rpm. Heavy fade or draw bias achieved by placing weights in one track.

Forged SP700 TI Face:

More than 10% stronger than 6-4 Titanium with a fine grain structure that allows a more complex geometry for our CORTECH face. Internal testing proved higher performance than 6-4 Ti at 90mph, 100mph and 110mph head speeds.

Carbon Composite Crown:

A 12-gram carbon composite crown allows 7 grams of weight redistributed across the ST190G for consistently higher ball speeds and reduced spin rate. Our ratio of carbon crown to bonding area increased to 5:1 from 3:1 on Mizuno’s previous carbon crown (MX500).

Amplified Wave Sole:

A heavily amplified 1st wave configuration expands the ST190G CORAREA for improved balls speeds across the clubface and reduced drop off from off center strikes.

Harmonic Impact Technology:

The study of vibration and soundwaves identified the need for internal ribs - creating a more solid, powerful impact sound.

Speed Engineered:

Performance of our exotic SP700 Forged Ti face moves to new levels with improved internal engineering. The ST190G CORTECH face, re-engineered CT ribs and internal structure combine to squeeze ball speed from the entire clubface.


Loft  9.0° RH Only 
Loft Range 7.0°-11.0°
 Standard Length  45.00"
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