Mizuno Pro 221 Limited Edition Blue Ion Irons

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Mizuno Pro 221 Limited Edition Blue Irons

Inspired by the iconic blades of Mizuno past – evolved to be more playable through incremental refinements in shape and weight placement. Bevelled for the appearance of a shorter face profile and narrower top line – without loss of mass in the upper blade. With dramatically more compact scoring irons than its predecessors. Grain Flow Forged in Hiroshima, Japan, with a soft copper underlay for a uniquely satisfying Mizuno sensation at impact.

Mizuno Pro 221 Limited Edition Blue Iron Head

Features of the Mizuno Pro 221 Limited Edition Blue Irons

Shorter and More Compact

Shrewdly bevelled to deliver the appearance of a thinner top edge and shorter head length - without loss of playability.

Soft Copper Underlay

A microlayer of copper beneath Nickel Chrome - for the purest, softest feel made famous in the legendary TN87. Reintroduced in 2019.

Thicker Behind Impact

Mass relocated from the heel area to muscle pad produces a slightly muted sound preferred in blind tour tests.

Forged in Hiroshima Japan

One-piece Grain Flow Forged HD from 1025E Pure Select mild carbon steel at Mizuno's iconic facility in Hiroshima, Japan - where Mizuno irons have been produced since 1968.

Controlled Shot Shaping

Mizuno's shortest CG / shaft axis is consistent from 3-PW, allowing controlled fades and draw feels right through the set.

Noticeably Smaller Short Irons

Following feedback from the tour, 8-PW are dramatically reduced in size - with a heavily tapered upper blade to control trajectory.

Specifications of the Mizuno Pro 221 Limited Edition Blue Irons

3 21°  59°  0.102" 39"  RH Only
4 24° 60° 0.098" 38.5" RH Only
5 27° 60.5° 0.094" 38" RH Only
6 30° 61° 0.091" 37.5" RH Only
7 34° 61.5° 0.087" 37" RH Only
8 38° 62° 0.083" 36.5" RH Only
9 42° 62.5° 0.079" 36" RH Only
PW 46° 63° 0.075" 35.5" RH Only

    Stock Shaft:

   Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S400

    Stock Grip:

   Golf Pride MCC Teams



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