Honma TW757 S Driver

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Honma TW757 S Driver

Honma tradition meets high-tech. The TW757 delivers high speed, stability, spin control, and long distance performance.

Features of the Honma TW757 S Driver

Patent-pending Carbon Slot

Optimizes performance from the lower half of the clubface and creates more forgiveness on low strikes.

**450CC** Ti-Carbon Fast Frame

By using a thinner titanium layer supported by a lighter and more responsive carbon insert, the driver offers more speed, higher launch, less spin, and extra discretionary weighting to maximize distance. The 450CC S (directional control) carbon fast frame optimizes power off the tee and redefines distance.

P-SAT Loft Adjustment

The P-SAT allows Honma Vizard shafts to keep the spine of the shaft, as well as shaft graphics and grip markings consistently aligned, while not sacrificing the ability to adjust the TW757 Driver for both Loft and Face Angle, in order to optimize ball flight. You can 1) adjust the loft +/- 1° Strong or Weak, 2) adjust the lie +2° upright from standard, or 3) adjust face angle +/-1.5° open or closed.

Vizard 757 Shaft

The exclusive VIZARD for 757 50 Shaft was holistically designed to synergize the TW757 Driver and Fairway Woods from grip to tip. The strong mid-section in conjunction with a sub 5.0° torque value stabilizes club delivery and maximizes energy transfer at impact, while a softer tip provides for high launch and optimal spin. This versatile shaft has smooth feel and is playable for a wide variety of golfers looking for a premium ultra-lightweight shaft. Made in Japan.

Specifications of the Honma TW757 D Driver:

Head TW757 S Driver
Loft  9.0° 10.5°
Lie  57.5 57.5
Length 45.50 45.50
Swing Weight         D2 D2
Total Weight (g) 303g 306g

PLEASE NOTE: All custom orders are built-to-order in Sakata, Japan. Lead time is 4-6 weeks.

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