Honma TR20 440 Driver

PLEASE NOTE: All custom orders are built-to-order in Sakata, Japan. Lead time is 4-6 weeks.

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Honma TR20 440cc Driver

TR20 Drivers deliver beautifully crafted speed through a more efficient, high-COR titanium frame and carbon body. Great looking 440 and 460 profiles with exceptional speed that you can feel, hear and see. Adjustable weights and hosel provide tuning for additional distance. Premium made in Sakata Japan Honma VIZARD shafts are always spine aligned in the non-rotating hosel for performance in any setting.

Please note: Honma's Custom Department is located in Japan. Any custom order will be built and shipped directly to you from their facilities in Japan with a 4-6 week handling time.

Features of the Honma TR20 440cc Driver

TI-Carbon and Fast Frame

Cutting edge TiCarbon+Fast Frame technology, featuring an ultra-lightweight high COR titanium frame and carbon body construction, transfers more energy from your swing to the ball.

Speed Efficient

Light and strong ET40 carbon crown and graphite sole optimize weighting ti optimize your speed.

Vertical Groove

The internal groove and variable thickness face boosts ball speed.

Discernibly Fast

Fast feel, fast sound, and fast flight as you watch the ball get small quickly.

Weighted Distance

Three adjustable weights provide stability, low spin or draw bias to dial in your flight and gain distance.

Perfectly Aligned

Non-rotating hosel technology keeps the shaft spine perfectly aligned through all adjustable loft-lie settings.

Takumi Shaped

60 years of craftsmanship and experience used to create the best looking drivers in the game.

Specifications of the Honma TR20 440 Driver

8.5° 45.25" 59° 440cc
9.5° 45.25" 59° 440cc
10.5° 45.25" 59° 440cc

Stock Shaft:

Honma Vizard 50/60/70 US

Stock Grip:

Honma Tour Velvet +2