Honma T//World 747 Hybrid


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Honma T//World 747 Hybrid

Honma T//World 747 Hybrids deliver exception, high launch and accuracy through precise design and the highest quality materials available.

Honma T//World 747 Hybrid Overview:

T//World golf clubs are beautifully crafted performance products that deliver precision and power. T//World 747 utilities provide exceptional carry distance through high launch and high MOI.

Honma T//World 747 Hybrid Features:

Hand Craftsmanship

Hand shaped profile created by master craftsmen in Sakata Japan.

High Launching Stability

Midsize head with shorter hosel and optimized internal weighting to produce high launch and speed on mishits for more carry distance and shot-stopping ability.

High Ball Speed

Thin, more flexible, high strength steel face produces high ball speed and fast feel.

Classic Shape

Midsize head inspires confidence to hit a solid shot.

Honma T//World hybrid Shaft:

Honma T//World hybrid Shaft

T//World 747 Hybrid Specs:

Model 19U 22U 125U
Head Steel + High Strength Rolled
Face Steel
Loft 19 22 25
Lie 58.5 58.5 58.5
Length 40.25 39.75 39.25
Swing Weight       D2.5 D2.5 D2.5
Total Weight 372 376 380

PLEASE NOTE: All custom orders are built-to-order in Sakata, Japan. Lead time is 4-6 weeks.