Honma T//World 747 455 Driver


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Honma T//World 747 455 Driver

The Honma T//World 747 455 Driver features Tour proven style and technology.  The Honma T//World 747 455 Driver is a lower spinning, low trajectory driver for stronger golfers who want shot shaping capability to go with distance and forgiveness.  Honma golf clubs represent the finest in craftsmanship and performance.

Honma T//World 747 455 Driver Overview:

T//World golf clubs are beautifully crafted performance products that deliver precision and power. The T//World 747 455 is provides explosive distance with a more compact playing position profile.

Honma T//World 747 455 Driver Features:


Hand shaped profile created by master craftsmen in Sakata Japan using a decades-old, persimmon block prototyping process.

Carbon Crown Weighting

Super light-ribbed carbon crown constructed with cutting edge ET40 composite material and proprietary molding process produces the lightest and thinnest carbon crown in the industry.

Four-Fang Face Technology

Fast face technology increases flex over a wide area for high ball speed. The efficient four-fang design increases the rigidity of the face perimeter to increase face flex.

Amazing Driving Distance

Weight savings from the light ET40 crown are used to precisely place the center of gravity low and deep for a stable, high MOI design that produces more speed on off-center hits.

Full Hosel Adjustability

The non-rotating hosel adjusts for loft, lie and face angle without rotating the shaft during the adjustment process. Continuous non-stepped design for macro or micro adjustments. The precision spined Honma VIZARD shafts stay perfectly aligned at all times.

Hand-Rolled Shaft Technology

PGA Tour winning Honma VIZARD shafts are designed by master craftsmen in Sakata Japan using a time proven hand-rolled prototyping process.

Honma T//World Driver Shaft

Honma T//World 747 455 Driver Specs

Head Titanium/Super Lightweight ET40 CARBON CROWN
Loft  9.5 10.5
Lie  59.5 59.5
Length 45.25 45.25
Swing Weight         D2 D2
Total Weight 319 319

PLEASE NOTE: All custom orders are built-to-order in Sakata, Japan. Lead time is 4-6 weeks.