Tour Edge HL4 Combo Set

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Tour Edge HL4 Hybrid/Iron Combo Set

Buy the Tour Edge HL4 Combo Set from Just Say Golf. Free 2-Day Shipping. Hand-Built in the USA with a Lifetime Limited Warranty.

Available in Graphite/Steel (Regular, Stiff) or All Graphite (Ladies, Senior, Regular, Stiff)


The HL4 Combo set provides players with the most versatile set available in golf. Featuring two HL4 hybrids and 6 HL4 Irons.

HL4 HYBRID (Includes 4+5 Hybrids) **Optional 3 Hybrid Click Here**

The HL4 hybrid is constructed from 17-4 hypersteel and incorporates a Cup Face with Variable Face Thickness technology. This construction design delivers the ultimate combination of forgiveness and power. *HL4 Hybrid Lie Angles Cannot Be Adjusted*

HL4 IRON (Includes 6+7+8+9+PW+AW IRONS)  **OPTIONAL SW,LW**

HL4 undercut-cavity irons move weight away from the face and into the sole for more stability, a higher launch angle and enhanced forgiveness. The iron’s soft 431 stainless steel design provides great feel on every shot.

Custom Options Available

Length Options: Available up to 2" Longer and up to 2" shorter in 0.5" increments (Based off of standard length)

Lie Angle Options: Available up to 2° Upright and 2° Flat in 1° increments (Based off of standard lie angles)

***HL4 Hybrids will be Standard Lie Angle Only***

Grip Size Options: Undersize (Ladies), Standard or Midsize

Flex Options: Graphite/Steel: Regular Flex or Stiff Flex (4+5 Hybrids Graphite / 6+7+8+9+PW+AW Irons Steel Shafts) **Optional SW,LW Steel Shafts** (Graphite Shafts UST Mamiya HL4 / Steel Shafts KBS Tour 90)

Flex Options: All Graphite: Ladies (48g), Senior Flex (55g), Regular Flex (57g), Stiff Flex (60g) with UST Mamiya HL4 Graphite Shafts

HL4 Combo Specifications:

Club # Loft Lie Standard Length Flex Hand
#4 Hybrid 22° 60.5° 39.00" (Mens) / 38.00" (Ladies) L,A,R,S  RH/LH 
#5 Hybrid 25° 61.0° 38.25" (Mens) / 37.25" (Ladies) L,A,R,S  RH/LH 
#6 Iron 28° 62.0° 37.75" (Mens) / 36.75" (Ladies) L,A,R,S  RH/LH 
#7 Iron 31° 62.5° 37.25" (Mens) / 36.25" (Ladies) L,A,R,S  RH/LH 
#8 Iron 35° 63.0° 36.75" (Mens) / 35.75" (Ladies) L,A,R,S  RH/LH 
#9 Iron 40° 63.5° 36.25" (Mens) / 35.25" (Ladies) L,A,R,S  RH/LH 
#Pitching Wedge 44° 64.0° 35.75" (Mens) / 34.75" (Ladies) L,A,R,S  RH/LH 
 #Approach Wedge   49°   64.0°   35.75" (Mens) / 34.75" (Ladies)   L,A,R,S   RH/LH