Cobra King F8+ Driver

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Cobra King F8+ Driver - 2018 Cobra Driver

Buy the Cobra King F8+ Driver and other Cobra golf clubs at the lowest price from Just Say Golf.  The Cobra King F8+ Driver has the hottest face Cobra has ever made in a driver with a little something extra for the better player.  Get the Cobra King F8 Driver with free shipping from Just Say Golf.

 Welcome the NEW Cobra King F8+ Driver to your bag. 

The new Cobra drivers are packed with tons of technology that will allow you to get the most out of your round.  The New F8+ has been redesigned to get more speed, and forgiveness.  Yet give you the Tour Preferred shape, and workability you want.  Get the NEW Cobra F8+ Driver and become a believer.


cobra-king-f8-driver-face-round.jpgSleeker look and Milled Face.  By using aerodynamically designed Polymer trips around the perimeter of clubhead, Cobra can reduce drag and help to maximize club speed.  Whats waiting for you at impact is a first for the Cobra brand in drivers.  A CNC E9 Milled face is the hottest, thinnest, and most accurate ever.


Precisely placed Sweet Zone with the CG right where you need it.  Over 25,000 shots tested indicate that shots on drivers are hit elliptically from low heel to high toe.  Cobra recognizes this pattern.  Which is why the E9 technology was put in just the right spots around the center of the face.  Now you have a larger sweet spot, along with front and back CG locations.  Now you can tune your distance and trajectory now matter what the conditions.


Never wonder how far you hit it or where it went.  Cobra connect powered by Arccos will take care of all that for you. A stationary chip in the butt end of the driver allows you to track your performance and help improve your game.  Now available in Cobra King F8 drivers, fairways, and yes, even the irons.


Changing your loft has doesn't require a degree.  Cobra uses their MyFly8 with Smartpad makes choosing the right loft a breeze.  You'll have 8 different options to choose from, and all identified specifically by the actually loft.  Not a hash mark or line requiring you to do the math.  Most importantly, no matter what loft you choose, SmartPad will always keep the face square at address.


cobra-king-f8-driver-carbon-fiber-crown.jpgLower CG with a carbon fiber crown.  A lighter crown means a lower center of gravity.  A lower center of gravity means easier launch, less spin for increased distance and more stability at impact for better accuracy.  A lot of drivers talk about having a low CG, the Cobra F8 and F8+ drivers actually have one.






Cobra King F8+ Driver Specifications:

 8° - 11°  FRONT AND BACK  45.25"  D2  X/S/R  RH/LH




Just Say Golf Does Custom:

Custom options are always available from Just Say Golf, many of them for FREE.  If you don't see what you need, give us a call and we'll make it happen: 865-325-9673

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