Cleveland Launcher HB Irons

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Cleveland Launcher HB Irons - Cleveland Launcher Irons On Sale

Buy the Cleveland Launcher HB Irons and other Cleveland golf clubs at the lowest price from Just Say Golf.  The Cleveland Launcher HB Irons are one of golf most forgiving iron sets.  The Launcher HB features the forgiveness of hybrid irons all the way through the set.  Order them today from Just Say Golf and get the lowest price and free shipping.  Just Say Golf is your home for all things Cleveland Launcher!


If you want a club that will effortlessly get the ball airborne and land it softly, the Cleveland Launcher HB Iron is a good as they come.  The Launcher family of Irons, Driver, Fairways and Hybrids is designed to do just that; Launch It!  It's combination of extreme forgiveness, ease of playability, high ball flight and long distance make the Launcher iron one of the best sets out there for the mid to high handicapper.  The Launcher iron is for people who want to hit more consistently good golf shots and and make golf fun again.  The Cleveland Launcher HB irons have a full hollow body, like a fairway wood for maximum forgiveness; but a more compact head like an iron for more spin and accuracy.  It's like having a full set of hybrids in your bag.

Key Features of the Cleveland Launcher HB Irons:

cleveland-launcher-hb-hallow-body-irons.jpgFull-Hollow (Hybrid-like) Heads:  The hollow construction of the Cleveland HB Irons makes every iron play like a hybrid; high launching and great distance with maximum forgiveness.

HiBore Crown:  The Cleveland HiBore Crown design lowers the center of gravity of each club; getting the weight of the club head below the ball for an easy, high launch.

High Strength Face:  The quality of the golf club's face determines the quality of the energy transfer from club to ball.  The Launcher HB irons have a strong, light, thin face for maximum "trampoline effect" (C.O.R.) across the face of every club.

cleveland-launcher-irons-set-top.jpgProgressive Iron Sizing:  In the Launcher HB Iron set, the longer irons look a little more "hybrid-like."  As the clubs get shorter, they migrate to a more "iron-like" look and feel; while maintaining the hollow body forgiveness throughout.

Ultra-Light Miyazaki Graphite shaft Option:  For those who choose graphite shafts, the Miyazaki C. Kua graphite shaft provides ultra-light weight with remarkable consistency and accuracy. 

Cleveland Launcher HB Iron Specs:

Club Loft Length
Lie Angle
4 Iron 21 38.874" 61°
5 Iron 24 38.25" 61.5°
6 Iron 27 37.625" 62°
7 Iron 30 37.0" 62.5°
8 Iron 34 36.5" 63°
9 Iron 39 36.0" 63.5°
PW 44 35.75" 64°
DW 50 35.5" 64.5°
SW 56 35.5" 64.5°










Specifications of the Women's Cleveland Launcher HB Irons:

Club Loft Length
Lie Angle
4 Iron 21 37.875" 61°
5 Iron 24 37.25" 61.5°
6 Iron 27 36.625" 62°
7 Iron 30 36.0" 62.5°
8 Iron 34 35.5" 63°
9 Iron 39 35.0" 63.5°
PW 44 34.75" 64°
DW 50 34.5" 64.5°









SW 56 34.5" 64.5°




 Cleveland launcher ironsCleveland Launcher HB Irons on sale

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