Cleveland Launcher CBX Irons

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Cleveland Launcher CBX Irons - New Cleveland Irons

Buy the Cleveland Launcher CBX Irons and other Cleveland golf clubs from Just Say Golf.  The Cleveland Launcher CBX Irons feature the combination of distance and accuracy.  The Cleveland Launcher CBX irons come with free shipping at the lowest price from Just Say Golf.  Just Say Golf is your home for all things Cleveland Launcher!

The Launcher CBX Irons are part of Cleveland Golf's has a new line of Launcher Irons for 2018 to go along with the new Cleveland Launcher HB Driver.  The Cleveland Launcher CBX Irons feature a variety of new technologies including a modern cup face for improved distance and forgiveness, Cleveland's "V-Shaped" sole for smooth interaction with the ground and Cleveland's legendary "Zip Grooves" which provide incredible spin from all different lies.  The Launcher CBX irons are a progressively sized iron set; larger and more forgiving in the longer irons and more compact for precise control and feel in the shorter irons; forgiveness where needed, accuracy where it counts.  The Cleveland Launcher CBX irons are designed to help you get closer to the hole from anywhere.

The Cleveland Launcher CBX Irons are available for men and women.  The Ladies Launcher CBX Irons feature the same technologies as the men's, but with a lightweight Miyazaki C. Kua Ladies Flex Shaft.  The Launcher CBX is a great iron for women who feel confident hitting their irons and would like to see an increase in performance.

Key Features of the Cleveland Launcher CBX Irons:

cleveland-cbx-irons-groves.jpgTour Zip Groves with Double Laser Milling: Cleveland's Zip Groves have the maximum volume allowed by the USGA, plus they are optimally sized and shaped in each club for a variety of conditions and lies.



Progressive V Sole: Cleveland designed a sole that would provide and smoother impact with the turf for less "grab" in impact.  This dramatically improves the forgiveness and margin for error.



celveland-cbx-iron-construction-cupface.jpgLauncher Cup Face:  By creating a lighter, thinner face, the Cleveland CBX irons produce high ball speeds from all areas of the face.  Even mishits will fly further and straighter.


cleveland-cbx-iron-feelbalancetech.jpgFeel Balancing Technology: This technology moves the weight of the club away from the hosel toward the effective hitting area.  More mass behind the ball produces a more solid feel and consistent distances.



Dynamic Gold DST 98 Shaft:  This shaft is a lightweight steel that is weighted toward the top of the shaft producing a lighter swing weight for ease of launch. 

Specifications of the Men's Cleveland Launcher CBX Irons:

Club Loft Length Lie Angle Steel Swing Weight Graphite Swing Weight
4 20 33.875 61° D2 D1
5 23 38.25 61.5° D2 D1
6 26 37.624 62° D2 D1
7 30 37.0 62.5° D2 D1
8 34 36.5 63° D2 D1
9 39 36.0 63.5° D2 D1
PW 44 35.75 64° D2 D1
DW 50 35.5 64.5° D3 D2












Specifications of the Women's Cleveland Launcher CBX Irons:

Club Loft Length Lie Angle Steel Swing Weight Graphite Swing Weight
4 20 37.875 61° N/A C4
5 23 37.25 61.5° N/A C4
6 26 36.625 62° N/A C4
7 30 36.0 62.5° N/A C4
8 34 35.5 63° N/A C4
9 39 35.0 63.5° N/A C4
PW 44 34.75 64° N/A C4
DW 50 34.5 64.5° N/A C4













Dynamic Gold DST 98





Miyazaki C. Kua