Callaway Women's Rogue Irons

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Callaway Women's Rogue Irons

Buy the Callaway Women's Rogue Irons and get the best performing Women's iron set available.  Just Say Golf offers custom specifications on Callaway Irons.

How distance should feel:

With the Women's Rogue Irons, female golfers can expect the best combination of distance, accuracy and playability ever in a Callaway iron with our 360 Face Cup and VFT, multi-material construction, and Urethane Microspheres. Engineered for a Woman's Game.

Engineered for Women

Ultra-light weight with wide sole, large cavity and ultra-low CG to help slower swingers build more head speed.

Callaway technologies like Variable Face Thickness™ (VFT) and 360° Cup Face™

Rogue irons combine our renowned 360 Face Cup technology with Variable Face Thickness (VFT) technology to expand the portion of the face that delivers fast ball speed. Face Cup employs a shallow, flexible rim around the perimeter of the face that flexes and releases at impact to increase ball speed. VFT also influences how the face itself flexes to promote more ball speed on off-center hits. The combination of these two technologies promotes ball speed and distance.

Tuned for sound and feel

The upside of a thin clubface is faster ball speed and more distance, the downside is excessive vibration that generates an unpleasant sound and feel. Urethane can be used to dampen vibration to improve sound and feel, but it can also greatly reduce the face’s ability to flex, lowering COR and ball speed. Our elastic-urethane microspheres provide the sound and feel benefits of urethane without compromising COR or ball speed.

Key Specifications of the Callaway Women's Rogue Irons

NameLoftAvailabilityStandard LengthLieOffsetSwing Weight
#4 22° RH / LH 38.00" 60.50° 0.300 C3
#5 25° RH / LH 37.375" 61.25° 0.280 C3
#6 28° RH / LH 36.75" 62.00° 0.260 C3
#7 31.5° RH / LH 36.125" 62.50° 0.240 C3
#8 35° RH / LH 35.50" 63.00° 0.220 C3
#9 39° RH / LH 35.00" 63.50° 0.200 C3
PW 44° RH / LH 34.75" 64.00° 0.165 C3
AW 49° RH / LH 34.50" 64.00° 0.135 C3
SW 54° RH / LH 34.25" 64.00° 0.105 C3

Stock Rogue Shaft

Womens Aldila Quaranta 40 Irons Graphite comes in Women's Flex and Women's Light Flex for extra light weight and high launch.

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48.00 (in)
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