2020 Precision Pro NX9 Non-Slope Rangefinder

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NEW 2020 Precision Pro NX9 Non-Slope Rangefinder

The all-new NX9 rangefinder is fast and reliable. Delivers distances in half a second. Engineered with a powerful built-in magnet that allows golfers to securely attach the rangefinder on the side of the golf cart, so that it’s within easy reach before every swing.

Features of the Precision Pro NX9 Non-Slope Rangefinder:

- Crystal Clear Optics; An enhanced LCD display with 6x magnification insures that you can easily find the flag

- Magnetic Cart Mount; Attach the NX9 to your cart, clubs, or any other metal surface so that your rangefinder is within easy reach

- Durable Carrying Case; Included is an industrial, microfiber case that will hook onto golf bag and keep the NX9 safe when not in use

- Accurate to + / - One Yard; Never doubt your distance with the NX9's highly reliable distance measurements

- Pulse Vibration; Pulse Vibration Technology (PVT) delivers a short burst to ensure you're locked onto the flag and not a tree

- Target Acquisition; The NX9 target acquisition technology makes it simple to lock on to any target even if with shaky hands

- Two Year Warranty; Precision Pro will cover any issues within the first two years of ownership

Included in the Box:

- NX9 Non-Slope Rangefinder with battery

- Durable carrying case

- Microfiber cleaning cloth

- User's manual

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